We are a group of researchers, science communicators, horticulturalists and volunteers working together to conserve biodiversity in oil palm plantations.

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Alumni students


Julian was Farnon's first PhD student to develop our understanding of the bird's nest fern model ecosystem. During his time with the group Julian developed as an ecologist, entomologist and  microbiologist, focusing his work on the structure and functioning of insect communities. Julian published a number of papers through his work with the group exploring the functional consequences of insect extinction in tropical forest canopies. Since completing his PhD in February 2018 he has moved on to a position as a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Toulouse, France. You can follow Julian's work on Twitter @Judoecol.


Holly worked with Ellwood Lab between November 2016 and November 2018 whilst undertaking her MSc in Advanced Wildlife Conservation in Practice at UWE. Prior to this she attained a First Class degree in Conservation Biology at UWE and had worked as a volunteer on Skomer Island, Wales conducting seabird population surveys. For her MSc thesis Holly turned her attention to invertebrates living in bird's nest ferns across degraded habitats in Borneo. She conducted field surveys over two months in Danum Valley to determine the relationship in biodiversity and ecosystem function across a habitat degradation gradient. Holly has since returned to her home town of Llanidloes, Wales.


Jay joined the team as an undergraduate student at UWE in March 2017 as an assistant in the lab working with Julian and Josie to sort their collection of tropical invertebrates. He was studying for his BSc in Environmental Sciences and had an interest in ecosystem processes and entomology. This combined with his learned taxonomic skills enabled him to conduct a final year research project into isotopic enrichment from nutrients in tropical canopy invertebrates. After completing his undergraduate degree in May 2018, Jay has opted to further his studies with an MSc in Computer Programming.