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Josie is a conservation biologist and outdoor enthusiast living in Bristol, UK. Having previously lived and worked in Indonesia, she is familiar with the impact agricultural demand is having on nature across Southeast Asia. Josie is determined to develop new and innovative ways to reduce conflict between man and nature, her research focuses on the change in ecosystem dynamics when rainforest is converted to oil palm plantation— a controversial development issue about which she is very passionate. Her ability to speak Bahasa Indonesia and Malaysia is proving helpful with fieldwork in Borneo.


Despite her part-time work as a General Practitioner of medicine (GP), Rosie is currently studying for her MSc in Advanced Wildlife Conservation in Practice at UWE. Her interests in evolutionary psychology and the benefits of green space for health have brought issues of environment, and conservation back to the forefront of her mind, and she is excited to be working with Ellwood Lab for her research project. Rosie's project focuses on the influence of host tree species on the soil microbial communities of epiphytic ferns. Her work involves comparison of soil samples from ferns at the Eden Project and feeds directly into Ellwood Lab's wider research interest in biodiversity in oil palm plantations.


Amy is studying for her BSc in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Science at UWE, Bristol.  She is UWE’s Sustainability Officer for The Students' Union and is committed to instilling her passion for eco-conscious lifestyles in fellow students and staff at UWE. She has just recently completed a successful campaign to ensure The Students’ Union commits to stocking only RSPO Certified palm oil products in their shops and helped develop UWE’s Sustainable Palm Oil Policy (the first of it’s kind in any UK University). Amy also volunteers with Butterfly Conservation, where she teaches KS2 children about lepidopteran ecology, and how to develop green space for pollinators. She just recently returned from Turkey where she represented Butterfly Conservation on an international campaign. Amy will use her working relationship with Ellwood Lab to develop her knowledge on sustainability, behavior change and science communication.


Jess has been working with the Ellwood Lab group since the Autumn of 2017 when her interests in Entomology brought her into contact with Josie's invertebrate collection. She has since worked with the group assisting with invertebrate sorting and cataloguing of specimens. Jess is studying for her BSc in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Science at UWE but her passion for all things small and scurrying will soon send her to deepest darkest Borneo to work in the heart of the Kinabatangan.  Jess will soon take her entomological skills to the next level and begin working on our new project with Oxford University Natural History Museum to digitalling catalogue Borneon Invertebrates.


We are a group of researchers, science communicators, horticulturalists and volunteers working together to conserve biodiversity in oil palm plantations.

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